Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hey U!!
Wanna know whose photo dat I used for my fon background?
It's U....Yeah It's U!
Wanna know y??
Coz it'll b easier 4 me 2 c ur face as I wake up early in da mornin..
then go back 2 sleep after c ur calm face..;) (plus,i'm still sleepy..;p u know me rite..hihi)
I'll always c ur  face when I check my fon..
And it'll b easier 4 me 2 c ur face be4 I go 2 sleep..n hoping dat i'll dream of U..
but now..
U r no longer b my fon background...
U were always on my mind~

Sori guys 4 a nonsense entry...i don't even hav an interesting entry..sori mistake..
Actually dis idea suddenly came out when i woke up last 2 just cross my mind when i'm missing i throw it here..;)

p/s: gambar sekadar hiasan..;)